Subsurface Investigations & Remediation

To engineer a remedy IRWIN designs a data collection scheme to define:

  • Exposure pathways
  • Levels of risk
  • Characteristics of impacted media (chemical/physical)
  • Dimensions of impacted area

Our President is a member of the E50 ASTM Committee work-group for GREEN REMEDIATION putting us at the leading edge of remediation for the 21st century. Our innovative strategies and project management experience have played into the effective implementation of remedies at more than 150 properties including a variety of environmental conditions and contaminants:

  • Petroleum contamination
  • Historical contamination
  • Wetlands & Ecological issues
  • Emergency Spill response
  • Imminent hazard assessment
  • Remediation systems
  • Permitting & compliance
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Tank removal
  • Urban fill materials
  • PCB contamination
  • Chlorinated solvent contamination
  • Heavy metal contamination
  • Stray current electrical interference

IRWIN has conducted bench scale testing and pilot scale studies of remediation technologies for proof of concept and implemented them in the field. This has led to adaptation and improvements on existing technologies that have saved our clients time & money with implementation of full scale projects.  Releases can be expensive so we help clients design ways to prevent or control system failures. See Contingency Planning.