LSP Services (Licensed Site Professional)

IRWIN uses the FoREVER Tool, © 2013 J. Andrew Irwin, to prepare reports. The tool provides a series of open-ended questions to be reviewed periodically from initial discovery to site closure to remind the user of data that need to be collected over the course of the investigation for receptor identification, risk characterization, timely response actions for risk reduction and source control, and a clear design basis for the Permanent Solution remedy feasibility evaluation. The tool allows us to provide a constructive MCP deliverable. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has privatized site cleanup by licensing select individuals based upon experience and examination to oversee spill response and clean-up of contaminated real estate. These people are called LICENSED SITE PROFESSIONALS.

IRWIN has a fully licensed, experienced LSP on staff including the current President of the LSP Association, J. Andrew Irwin. Spill response and remediation of contamination in Massachusetts must be done in accordance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), an extensive set of regulations. This is a performance based program. It requires judgment and experience on the part of the LSP as to what scope of assessment is appropriate on a site-specific basis. IRWIN takes clients through the MCP process from Immediate Response Actions all the way to Phase V Remedy Operation Status as needed.We provide personalized attention for every site and we are available for emergency response. Our site assessment activities are carefully planned to maximize their efficiency. We consider risk assessment and remediation system design requirements early on in the process. We use highly qualified and licensed subcontractors for sample collection and laboratory analysis of samples from sites where hazardous materials are known or suspected.