Site Investigation & Remediation

We help clients manage risk associated with current and historical releases of oil and hazardous materials including perchlorate and PCBs for:

  • property acquisitions – due diligence
  • construction on previously contaminated sites (Brownfields)
  • emergency spill response
  • restoration to achieve No Significant Risk.
  • Greener Remediation

IRWIN follows the required All Appropriate Inquiry standard to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions during a Phase I Assessment. If needed, we then use logical and cost effective steps to engineer a remedy to reduce or eliminate the risk to acceptable levels.

We understand that our Clients may appreciate the science and technology involved but most often they are most concerned with compliance, cost and schedule. The regulations and acronyms are numerous and complex but we see it as our job to explain in plain language what needs to be done and why.

IRWIN announces patent for: Rapid Perchlorate Destruction in Soil and Groundwater Through Bioaugmentation

RWIN, together with its co-inventor, has proven that perchlorate contamination can be successfully treated using a new patented process. By adding a registered strain of facultative bacteria, nutrients and appropriate buffering IRWIN showed that even high levels of perchlorate can be rapidly reduced in situ in soil and groundwater.Perchlorate, a propellant used in flares, rockets and fireworks, is a contaminant at more than 400 sites across the United States. To date, in-situ biological treatment of perchlorate has been attempted with anaerobic species using various carbon substrates with limited success. For more see here:  Irwin Engineers Perchlorate Treatment Case Study 2016 –    CASE STUDY – PERCHLORATE 2014-11-21