Risk Management Plans (Clean Air Act)

The Clean Air Act requires facilities that manufacture, use or store greater than the threshold quantities of listed substances to develop a Risk Management Plan (RMP). The purpose of an RMP is to “detect and prevent or minimize accidental releases of such substances from the stationary source, and to provide a prompt emergency response to any such releases in order to protect human health and the environment.”IRWIN helps you to:

  • Determine if you are subject to regulation -toxics, flammables and explosives are regulated;
  • Create a Hazard Assessment Program – identify & analyze accidental release scenarios;
  • Construct a Prevention Program – operating procedures, process safety information etc.;
  • Design an Emergency Response Program – for mitigating accidental releases;
  • Implement an overall Risk Management System.

Even facilities that have regulated substances below the RMP threshold are now required to abide by the General Duty Clause of the Clean Air Act, Section 112(r).