Integrated Contingency Plans

IRWIN Engineers, Inc. provides emergency and contingency planning services ranging from plans specific to one program area to Integrated Contingency Plans following guidance of the National Response Team. We created a Model Integrated Contingency Plan for the Massachusetts State Office of Technical Assistance. Integrated plans provide a single reference source for emergency response personnel and contain a Core Plan within the document which can be submitted to regulatory authorities.We are familiar with the real world aspects of manufacturing activities that must be addressed in the plans and will conduct on-site reviews to identify and evaluate key points in the operation. We have the Professional Engineering Registration necessary to assess Good Engineering Practice and certify plans as required by the regulations.For clients subject to multiple regulatory requirements, having an Integrated Plan eliminates having several different plans which often overlap and duplicate material with the risk of contradicting each other. For example, these comprehensive plans can include Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans, Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures Plans, Hazardous Waste Contingency Plans under RCRA, Solvent Control/Slug Prevention Plans Emergency Action Plans (OSHA), and Toxics Organics Management Plans all in one document.IRWIN works with you to tailor your plans to your facility and operating practices. Even if you have existing plans, integrating all your plans saves money by minimizing plan updating chores and by consolidating training.