In Plant Support

IRWIN provides in-plant environmental compliance support, such as:

  • Waste management
  • Records management
  • Compliance evaluation
  • Design Input/Startup Services
  • Permit report preparation
  • Wastewater/stormwater sampling
  • Treatability Testing/ Lab Analysis

If you do not have the need for full time environmental personnel, our professional staff is available to go to your facility when needed and cost effectively augment your other resources.

Waste Management

IRWIN can help you manage your waste disposal activities. We can assist you with:

profiling your waste streams;
evaluating your waste disposal options;
scheduling your waste disposal pickups;
preparing and tracking your manifests;
preparing your bi-annual reports; and
establishing an efficient records management program.
We can perform other facility inspections to assess whether wastes are being properly stored and handled, that the required information is being collected for your records management program and that the information is retrievable. We can also prepare waste management procedures for you and train your staff. IRWIN can help you to cure your hazardous waste headaches cost effectively.

Records Management

IRWIN works with plant and office personnel on systems for routine tracking of material use and inventory as necessary to demonstrate compliance. We also complete regulatory filings.

Permit Report Preparation

IRWIN can help you to prepare your water discharge and air emission permit submittals, for example. We can assist you to establish monitoring, record keeping and reporting systems that allow you to cost effectively meet your regulatory obligations. We can perform hazardous waste, wastewater, stormwater, potable water, and groundwater sampling services. IRWIN has established relationships with certified laboratories for analysis of samples.


IRWIN staff are trained in proper sampling techniques and can advise clients on appropriate test methods and quality control factors. We also have equipment for screening evaluations.

Treatability Testing

IRWIN has the resources to conduct treatability studies to evaluate alternative systems for water or wastewater treatment to either improve existing systems or to evaluate methods for handling new waste or processes.

Startup Services

The IRWIN team can provide a variety of pollution control system startup services. These include pressure testing, flushing, controls integration and trimming and equipment acceptance testing. We also help you develop operating procedures, train your operating staff and help optimize your operations.