Pollution Prevention & Toxics Use Reduction

RWIN helps maximize process efficiency and minimize operating costs while reducing the use of toxic substances. Our CHEMICAL ENGINEERS provide insight and expertise in evaluating your unique situation and improving your processes. 2018 will be the next PLANNING YEAR. We are Certified for RESOURCE CONSERVATIONS PLANS as well as regular plans.

IRWIN has prepared, reviewed, or certified TUR Plans or RC Plans for clients involved in:

  • Biotechnology
  • Copper wire drawing
  • Waste to energy
  • Printing
  • Membrane Technology
  • Aerospace
  • Lubricants & Adhesives
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Wire & cable fabrication
  • Commercial sterilization
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Musical Instrument manufacturing
  • Precision metal fabrication & Galvanizing
  • Fiber optic medical devices
  • Commercial Laundries