About Us

History/Mission Statement

IRWIN Engineers, Inc. was established in 1996 as a professional consulting firm providing chemical and environmental engineering services. IRWIN brings value to clients by providing 1) timely development of sound technical evaluations and practical engineering solutions using current and leading-edge technology, and 2) knowledge of regulations and development of prudent strategies and management systems for environmental compliance.

In the development of our staff we emphasize knowledge of environmental regulations in addition to individual areas of specific technical expertise. This focus encourages incorporation of pollution prevention within all stages of study, design and project implementation. For remediation projects this awareness also helps to develop strategies for management of residuals in a cost-effective manner recognizing the complex regulatory scheme for hazardous wastes generated during a clean-up operation.

We also apply our knowledge of regulations in conducting environmental audits or pre-acquisition reviews intended for real property or asset-based transactions. Experience in a wide range of manufacturing sectors processing or using a variety of hazardous materials helps in identifying potential environmental concerns when conducting property assessments. Our focus on chemical engineering helps us to select appropriate testing methods for detecting contaminants associated with a particular commercial or industrial activity.

Our senior staff have developed a depth of experience with implementation of practical environmental management systems working with industrial clients in ongoing relationships. We have not only recommended programs but also have lived through the nuts and bolts of long term program implementation.

Key People

Andrew Irwin, P.E., LSP, TURP, CPEA

President/Sr. Project Manager

The founder of our Firm, Mr. Irwin is a licensed Professional Engineer in MA, CT, RI, NH,  GA and NY with over 30 years of experience. In additional to overseeing engineering projects, Mr. Irwin is a BEAC Certified Professional Environmental Auditor and is responsible for environmental management systems projects, permitting and compliance auditing. He is also a Licensed Site Professional in Massachusetts, giving him the authority to manage the cleanup of contaminated real estate in the Commonwealth. Mr. Irwin is also a Certified Toxics Use Reduction Planner in Massachusetts and has extensive experience with pollution prevention and toxics use reduction.

He has served as President for the Licensed Site Professional Association. He is responsible for managing projects involving subsurface investigation and remediation. In Massachusetts he oversees projects conducted in accordance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan. He has served as an instructor in environmental regulation and on various technical advisory panels including the ASTM Task Group on Regulatory Environmental Compliance Auditing Standard Practice. Mr. Irwin is an elected Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. He also has been a longtime Conservation Commission member.  He holds a both a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Engineering (Chemical) from Cornell University.  RESUME JAI

Elizabeth (Liz) J. Gugliotti P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

Ms. Gugliotti has responsibility for preparing environmental permit applications, writing compliance program documents and conducting multimedia environmental regulatory compliance audits for industrial clients.  She  manages clients’ compliance with the Toxics Use Reduction Program.  She has also been directly involved in conducting Process Hazard Evaluations as part of helping clients comply with the Hazardous Material Process Safety regulations in Massachusetts since the program’s inception.

She holds a both a Bachelor of Science summa cum laude in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Engineering (Chemical) from Cornell University.

Lana Carlsson-Irwin, Esq.

VP Operations & Business Development

Ms.Carlsson-Irwin directs marketing efforts for new business identification and development in addition to directing HR functions.

Ms. Carlsson-Irwin also has primary responsibility for overseeing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments to the All Appropriate Inquiry Standard (ASTM E1527-13). She has also conducted ASTM Transaction Screens, ASTM Vapor Encroachment Screenings and visual inspections for mold and asbestos containing materials. She has also conducted numerous EOEA Site Assessments for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

She holds a Bachelors of Arts in Biological Sciences from Cornell University and a J.D. summa cum laude from Syracuse University College of Law.